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Monday, January 09, 2012

Sweetey Pies

I've been thinking for a few days now that I wanted to post a list of my favorite candy inspired bath products. From what I gather the idea behind Lolita is to feel elegant and sweet all at the same time. I use products that do so, and smell so, everyday! Making me feel like a proper Hime Gyaru, even if I can't dress like one. [See previous blog rant about being waaaaay to large to fit brand and proper Lolita clothing. ><']

My Favorite Candy Inspired Products
Cake Beauty's Snow Woman Body Wash - I believe that this is a limited edition product, that may only be released at Christmas. At least I hope that it is. I've fallen in love with it! That being said one of my other favorites is also only released at Christmas, luckily I know that it comes out every year. I'm hoping that this one is too! If not, Cake Beauty makes indulgent and lavish products. I've used a number of their body washes and foam baths. Each smells like a decadent dessert. I also really loved their Creme Brulee one.

Lush Cosmetics' Snow Fairy - This is the other "limited to Christmas" product. I usually would buy 3 per year. Just enough so I make it through to the next release. It smells like a mix between cotton candy and the hard striped candies my grandmother would give me. It has opalescent glitter in it as well which is an added bonus. I usually use it for bubble bath as it foams up beautifully so I don't know if the glitter transfers to your skin when used as a body wash. It's also advertised as a shampoo - again I've never tried it but Lush is an extremely reliable as a company. They use all natural ingredients and their stuff always smells amazing!

NEW                                 OLD
I used to love Calgon's Marshmallow body wash and foam bath but they've recently begun manufacturing in China instead of the USA. Not only did the packaging change but also they changed the ingredients. I currently have a bottle but I haven't used it yet and don't know how different it might be. I'm just hoping that my sensitive little body isn't allergic to it like so many other products.

Philosophy's Vanilla Birthday Cake - I got this one this past year (2011) from Sephora as their birthday gift. I've never tried Philosophy products. I enjoy the smell of a few of them but know that they wouldn't work with my skin. (I have a very high pH balance in my skin and fruity scents go very sour and smell like dying old ladies.) This one impressed me greatly. It's very moisturizing and again is a 3-in-1: shampoos, body wash and foam bath. It's also nice because it's in a travel size and I love my baths! The photo provided is not what the regular packaging looks like but the one that I got.

Gosh Cosmetic's Colour Rescue Shampoo - I'm not sure if this is available everywhere, I get it here at Shopper's Drug Mart [thus the link]. I love this product. Not only is it wonderful on my hair, which is heavily coloured, it smells so great! The first few times I was washing my hair I just couldn't place the smell. It was so familiar! Then it hit me! Those little 3-packs of red, yellow and orange Lifesavers that we used to get in our Halloween candy!

Aqualina's Pink Sugar Perfume - Got this one, again, as a sample from Sephora. Instantly fell in love! It smells like a meritage between vanilla buttercream and caramel sauce. Not only is it indulgently sweet but it is also a perfume I can wear. Again, a rare thing for me due to the pH balance of my skin.

Josie Maran's lip glosses - they not only smell very sweet and have pretty colours they are super moisturizing. Oh, and they taste good! I also love her cleansing oil. Strange, I know! How would oil clean your face?! I don't know but it is luscious! It, too, smells great and it makes my face feel perfect. So smooth and moisturizing. Removes make-up quite nicely too.

Well that's all I can think of right now! If you didn't notice, I love to smell like a bakery threw up on me. But to me that seems to be very Lolit-esque! I suggest trying out all of these. Some are quite expensive but you won't be sorry. I can't believe how big a difference the moderately expensive products make. They aren't ridiculous but they are more than the $6.99 of drug store brands. (With the exception of Gosh and Calgon.)

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