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Thursday, January 05, 2012

Long Night

After a long night of placing, replacing, editing html and being generally annoyed with illustrator... my blog is officially back up! It's prettier, easier to read and navigate.
And full of even more NONSENSE! Wahoo!

Tomorrow holds an exciting day: decoden shopping! I have the case, now to get the jewels! Hopefully Michael's either has a sale on (fingers crossed) or I manage to find cheap crystals - otherwise I have to plan out my case a little more and order online. Which I don't want to do. Maybe they'll have the cute pearls I'm looking for... c'mon Michael's! Don't let me down!!



  1. Yay for deco! ★彡
    What's your general idea for the case ^^ -- just rhinestones/pearls? Or maybe some cute flowers/sweets added in there too? ♥

  2. I'm planning on pearls, rhinestones and a big ribbon bow. I haven't found many cute sweets or cabocons in town and I want to keep it simple for my first one. :) I'm already planning out my next one too. I think my next project will be doing up my nails. I'm so excited.