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Wednesday, January 18, 2012


I'm getting impatient now! I thought that it was Thursday today and not Wednesday - I was very upset, angry even, when I found out that it wasn't. I really really really really really REALLY want to leave! I'm so excited it hurts.

So in the meantime I felt like posting about my favorite make-up! I find my basic, everyday look to be very sweet and innocent - very fairy kei Lolita! So I thought that I would share my favorite products.
 This is my basic look - at least a good photo of it! I have very recessed eyelids so you can't see the major sparkly eyeliner and great eyeshadow - well that and the lighting on this isn't really showcasing the eye makeup. ^.^ But you can see my highlighted cheeks and fresh face feel to my basic makeup! The bows? I got them at *SHOCK* the dollar store. Can you believe it? They are so cute and nice quality, I am very surprised with them. The hat is Juicy Couture - a present from my crazy amazing Aunt. The mustache mittens are by a local designer Edit - a Christmas present from my awesome Mommy!

What I use:
★Face Basics★
Benefit's Boi-ing concealer - this stuff is magic! I have a hard time finding good concealers, foundations and face powders because I'm so pale and yet this stuff is supurb! I used to use a Sephora brand buildable concealer but of course, as is my luck, they discontinued it. The girls at Sephora suggested this one to me and to be honest, I love it more. It says to warm it between your finger and thumb before applying it - "weird", I thought. But it makes it apply more evenly and covers more. It's great!
❥ Hourglass' Veil primer - this, too, is magic. I have found if I put it on underneath my tinted moisturizer, the moisturizer spreads more easily, covers better, and I use less. I used to put it on just before my mineral face powder but since putting it that one layer down it's done wonders. It not only feels amazing when you put it on. You can actually feel that it's smoothing out your skin. It wears so lightly - you don't feel like you have that extra product on. It actually is touted to waterproof your make-up: and it does. I had a relaxing, soaking bath one day just to get rid of some knots - like a hot tub only naked and solo - and my make-up didn't budge! It's also very nice that it comes in two sizes! I get the small one and find that it lasts me for 3 months! You need so little! The two sizes is nice because the big one is $60+. I get mine at Sephora.
Sephora's Perfecting tinted moisturizer SPF15 - I really like this product for the days I don't feel like applying much make-up. I slap it and my concealer over the zits and I'm off. It covers enough that my freckles aren't killer but lightly enough that my skin still shins through. It does smell a little like "old lady" cosmetics but that's because of the sunscreen in it. It also helps me skip a step in my morning routine as I don't have to apply moisturizer as well! And trust me - here? You NEED creams. Apparently we spend more every year on creams and moisturizers than all of Canada. Go us.
Bare Minerals' powder foundation (Just found out it, too is SPF 15!) - I love this product for my full out make-up days. I just feel beautiful when I have all of them on. So photo perfect. I haven't experimented with a lot of powders as, like I said before, there aren't many that are made for us almost-see-through people.

★Face Extras★
❥ Tokidoki's Soda Shop blush in Skate Girl - I don't know if this one is still orderable. (I hope it is when I run out ><') I love it because it's a nice colour for me. It is a little dark for my skin but my next product helps me with that! It has a beautiful shimmer to it and on darker skin it looks very subtle. It's a nice all rounded colour. Now, I may be a little bias - as I'm sure you'll notice - as I am obsessed with Tokidoki. I love everything that Simone Legno puts out. His little characters are ever so cute! I haven't bought ALL of the Sephora Tokidoki line - I've been good.
Tokidoki's Luminosa Powder in Kabuki - This is my other "can't live without it" product. I love that it not only lightens the colour of my blush but it also illuminates my face wonderfully. It's kind of like a bronzer just without the deep tan colour! Perfect for those of us who love to shimmer with mystery but don't want to look like Jersey shore-ites: ie Orange. This product really gives me the fairy-kiss quality I love in my make-up.
Nars' Copacabana cheek illumintator - I've just found this product. I got it as a free-bee from Sephora and when my little sample runs out I will be getting it in the large size. I use it on the top of my cheeks just below my eyes. I love that it gives me the fairy-kissed cheeks I've always wanted. It gives a shimmer and shine to my smile.

This section won't be as in depth as the last two as the products I use are vast. Not quite as vast as Leesha's (the girl who taught me how to do my make-up -- no really she did via her youtube; go visit her) or Margareth (a current inspiration - her blog is in Swedish [I think] but her images are wonderful) or any other make-up guru/artist out there. But my collection is pretty big considering I'm no professional. I'm just going to highlight a few pieces.
Colour Extraordinaire! I don't have any of the following products yet but Leesha uses them a lot and I can see why. Their colours are bold and beautiful! So when I have enough spending money again I might just get some. ^.^
Inglot Cosmetics
❥ Sugarpill
Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics

What I use:
Tokidoki - I have the Soda Shop palette. It's a large palette with lots of colours. I seem to use pretty much all of them. It's nice to have a well rounded palette on hand.
Make-up Forever - I use various products from their loose pigment lineas well as their glitters. It's hard to work with and you can end up wasting some of it because they're loose pigments - but the colour! My god, amazing! An interesting note: I cannot wear their face products. No creams, foundations, blushes, creams etc. However I can wear their eye shadows and glitter with no problems. The glitters I get to stick by using Too-Faced glitter glue. Literally it acts like glue. I love it.
Urban Decay - I have two palettes from them. One is very very old and no longer around. But it has some colours that are still available in individual colours. My current fave of them is shattered. The other is the Delux Shadow Box. It has colours galore in it. When I buy palettes I like to buy ones where there's an actual chance I'll wear all the colours. I hate buying one with four colours you love and use up and have two left over untouched. I also have a few single colours from them - I like their products, nice bold colours.
❥ Urban Decay's eye primers - I use the original and the matte. I like the matte for the days that I don't want to put make up on. I use it with black eyeliner and it gives me a really nice 1950's glamour girl look.
❥ Eyeliners - I love Sephora brand's retractable waterproof line. It's creamy and doesn't require a sharpener. I also use some of Tokidoki's "tattoo" liners. They're great for colour and they stay put!
❥ Mabelline's Lash Stiletto Mascara - I use the waterproof one. I like it because it's cheap but works.

That about sums it up. Well that and my ice cream is melting.
Yes it is a minus bagillion out and I'm about to eat ice cream. Only in Canada. ^.^

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