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Wednesday, January 04, 2012

New craft

I'm diving head first into the art of decoden. It is the Japanese over top way of decorating everything from your nails (usually fake ones) to your camera to your cell phone... Etc!!
I attempted it earlier with two very different projects. One was decorating a munny (a very popular DIY vinyl toy) with a shwack load of seeds bead in a charming candy & snowflake motif. I'm proud of it - there are parts I love more than others and some I'd change but over all it's my fave. The second was bejewelling my iPod. Looked great! For about a week. Then everything started to fall off.
This time around I'm going bigger and bolder, really challenging myself! Also I've done some actually research. Since my munny isn't moved around a whole bunch or touched, white glue worked just peachy. But with mobile devices you want to use any of the following depending on the effect you're going for.
1 deco paste right from Japan, it's expensive and imported so it ends up being waaaaay more hassle than its worth.
2 turn out that Japanese deco paste is identical to the silicone caulking flu we use here, so hoof down to your local hardware store. This is great if you want a whipped cream look, to add whipped cream decals or a white back ground. It also comes in a clear version but i find it too chunky for my tastes.
3 E6000 it's available at michaels, your trusty craft store! It apparently glues everything. I did read somewhere that it removes the luster of plastic rhinestones tho... Should you be going the uber cheap way. But I don't know for sure.
I think I found one or two more but of course i'm totally blanking.
I think I'll try out the e6000, I'm planning on splurging on a few swarovski crystals to bling it up, but I think to test I'll keep it more simple and cheap with pearls and ribbons.
The major expense if you're doing your phone is the case. I suggest doing it on a case instead of on the phone for three reasons: 1 if you get bored you can change it 2 it adds protection to your expensive toy 3 the glue won't ruin your electronics

So wish me luck! I know it'll be super cute when I'm done. I might even try out some of the fauxtisserie (love it) clay projects and bakery up my phone. ^.^

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