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Monday, January 16, 2012

Five and a half days left!

I'm on the final countdown to my trip. I leave in five and a half days for St. Lucia. I'm so anxious for it to get here already!! The weather is turning miserable right now at home. It normally gets really really cold during January but this winter, so far, has been uncharacteristically mild. I guess we had hoped that the deep freeze wouldn't come. At least it snowed before the freeze so when you look outside it's a beautiful winter wonderland instead of an arid, dusty, and dead world. It's been so ugly here for the last few months. When it gets ugly here, it gets depressing; horribly, horridly depressing. I love snow, ever so much, so having a blanket of it makes me feel a lot happier than dusty and dirty, dead grass.
But now I need to concentrate on the surf and sand that awaits me.
See those four story rooms there? That's where I'm staying. *sigh*
Five more days, five more days.

I'll just concentrate on finishing up my travel companion and my ever so cute earmuffs!

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