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Friday, December 30, 2011


Since no one really reads this right now anyway, if it spontaneously change topics no one actually notices until much later. Wow can you saw bad sentence? Please don't shoot me Sherry; should you ever read this.

Recently I've been falling in love (I guess again) with the Lolita style. I e been taking the time to actually learn about it this time. Only to find out, to my surprise, that I've been wearing and living elements of the culture this whole time! I'm definitely a mash up of a few different Lolita styles and a cross over to 1950s bombshell like Rita Hayworth (whom I love!). I even looked into my closet tonight to find that the cute pink dress I bought in Jamaica fits the sweet Lolita style I covet ever so much. I've been admiring Lolita style from what I thought was a far for a bit now. I've always believed that I'd look silly in it being so tall and big. I've learned more about it as while I'm not ever likely to own brand Lolita dresses, skirts or tops I can always just accessorize! The clothes for the most part are one size, not that they ate one size fits all but more of the this is the size if you don't fit it, too bad. I've started following a blog from a girl who posted a great piece on how to be a tall Lolita. She, like me, is well over 5'2". Which means the brand clothes are all mini skirts. Which doesn't work since dressing Lolita means dressing sweetheart like, modest and cute not slutty mcsluteeton. I would post the link to her blog "f yeah Lolita" but I'm posting from my phone which means all my bookmarks are else where. (google her if you're interested cuz her posts are great for a north American Lolita and for older and tall Lolitas.
My goal over the next year is to have even greater pieces in my wardrobe, both Lolita styled and pin up - a contradiction in terms I know, but that's me! Now to the fabric store for lace, sparkles and bows - oh my! Crafty heaven here I come.

But more on that next time.

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