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Thursday, September 01, 2011

The Beginning

It is always a hard thing to figure out where to start. I've begun this blog in hopes to chronicle my progress through becoming a sort-of vegetarian. And give recipes, guidance and experience to anyone else forced into vegetarianism.
Now, as a precursor I respect people who have the discipline to remain vegetarian in a predominantly carnivorous world. Vegetarianism is a difficult and life long regime which many people of the population choose wisely. But there are some that are forced into it due to limitations. This is a journey I happily take for improving my health.

This past year I've learned that I have an intolerance to corn. In this world it is not easy to avoid corn. Everything is made with corn these days. Ingredients on every box contain corn starch, corn syrup, modified corn ingredients, natural flavours, artificial flavours - both derivatives of corn - even our gas is supplemented with corn. This intolerance includes anything fed by corn as well. I seem to be ohkay with Alberta raised beef and kobe beef as they are both free-range animals. Recently I've begun to have difficulties with chicken and the generic-claiming-to-be-alberta-beef-but-isn't beef. I've made this connection to the corn problem.
On top of it I used to be what I coined as seasonally lactose-intolerant. From December to June when the cows went inside (in my home area) to eat corn I couldn't drink milk. Now it's full blown lactose-intolerance because I've been without lactose for so long my body simply cannot process it easily anymore.

Thus my decision to pursue a new nutritional path.
To sum up: I can't eat corn, dairy, chicken, pork and to be honest - I can't afford to eat kobe - I don't really like beef or any other red meats. That leaves eggs, vegetables, fruits and fish.
I'm not going to be giving up fish as a life with out sushi really isn't worth living in my opinion. Thus the (almost) part. I don't eat eggs all that often; I eat then IN foods but not on their own so much anymore. Thus the "-an-" part in vegetarian. If I gave up sushi I'd have to eat vegan.
I have opinions about animal abuse but that's not what this blog is aiming to about.

My main opinion is that everyone is entitled to their own.
Yup, that's it for this first entry. My introduction.

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