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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Day six & seven

I know, cheap of me to do two days in one post but the last two days not a whole lot happened. We decided to take it easy. On day 6 we had our spa day. We went and had massages on the beach. It was the most divine thing ever. Instead of a machine making wave sounds it was real. The breeze on your back and the smell of the warm ocean. Oh... pure bliss. It cost an arm and a leg but was worth every single second. I highly suggest treating yourself to it one day.
The last two nights for dinner we went to the La Toc restaurant. I wish we had found it earlier! It was the best restaurant at the resort. It was all local foods and they were prepared amazingly well! We're talking 5 star food, finally!
The last day we sat the shade of a beach hut. It was so relaxing. I think I did get a touch of heat stroke that day and the Burt's Bees "after sun lotion" is amazing. I've never found anything that helps get rid of heat stroke symptoms but rest - this did! It's so soothing and helps rehydrate your entire body from the outside. The only MAJOR downside to this day is that the ocean finally had a yellow flag again. So Mom and I went and relaxed in the surf. Well, while we were in it the waves picked up. So when I was trying to get out I got hit pretty badly and tossed around. I lost my hat, I had salt water in every orifice. I was still cleaning sand out of my ears a month later. I'm not kidding, I'd clean my ears with a q-tip and there would be sand particles in the wax still. It did clear out my sinuses nicely, but it hurt so badly. I don't know why people pay to have their sinuses pumped with salt water. Yes I cleared it out for about a week but the pain was excruciating!

It was a horrible trip home, we got seated next to the only kids on the plane and they were screamers. The one that wouldn't sit still kept spitting at my Mom. Stupid 3 year old. Not like he's going to remember the trip anyway. I was glad to get home to my bed and Spike but I really miss the crickets and Jim-the-frog. The warmth, the relaxing atmosphere...
Since we've returned home we've seriously considered buying a home there. The houses sit at about $40,000 for a local place, instead of the houses for Americans that are on the resorts which start at $550,000. *thhhbbbbt* I'd want to live in the towns and walk to the local markets if I were to live there. Not be isolated in a resort. I just have to find a job to which I can telecommute. Then we'd spend June-November in Canada as it's hurricane season. Not rainy season, hurricane season.

That was our trip, sorry it took me 4 months to post all of it. I've been running around getting things settled for my trip this year. I'm spending the next year testing out places that I think I want to live. Instead of uprooting everything, moving to a place, just to find out that it sucks to live there we decided to test out a few months in each place and get a feel for them. Then narrow down our choices from there.
We're in Nelson right now. I'm loving it, although the hills are quite steep which mean I would be able to ride my 3 speed bicycle much. But it's beautiful and calming.
Until next time,
The last of the pictures under the cut!

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