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Friday, February 03, 2012

Home again home again, jiggity jig.

Aaaaannnnnndddd.... I'm back. I've been exhausted for the last few days. Going to the gym really takes it out of you. >.<' My trip was amazing. If I were to place it in to words that last amazing would be in 900pt and have about a billion "!" after it. I don't think there are many ways that it could have been better.
As for this precise moment I'm off to the gym again. Although I plan to download my photos and transpose my journal from the trip very soon! I promise! I'm just too lazy right now to go all the way to the basement, find my camera cord, download the 500+ photos and organize them. I'm just too darned lazy!
I'm back in the swing of things though. I'm taking my role as my Mom's personal Chef very seriously. The only meal I don't prepare is usually breakfast as we get up at different times. Usually within a half hour of each other but she's already started eating. The whole personal chef thing came about as I'm taking a year off to screw my head back on and find a new career path that doesn't have me on my feet for 9+ hours a day - thus avoiding permanent and more serious damage to my feet. My Mom in the meantime is supporting me with wages. She's funding my year and therefore I need to do something so that I feel employed by her, not just a worthless bum like so many my age. This whole year off is actually her idea, so please don't think of me as a mooch! As an offer to earn my keep I said that I would cook gourmet meals for her everyday. There's been a few days where I'm just pooped and she's cooked but they're few and far between - or on days we both want spaghetti and my pales in comparison to hers. There's always one dish that a chef just can't duplicate; usually one of our mothers.
On the plane ride home I got the chance to watch Food Network, a channel we don't get at home ($7/month for one channel in a package that I would watch, I don't think so.). I watched the recent installment of Top Chef: Texas. This weeks' challenge was to create a dish that honours those who inspire us. I thought long and hard about what I would make to honour my Dad, who fanned the flame of my passion for cooking.
Last night I made my dish:
Fennel and cranberry braised red cabbage - German style; pork schnitzel; lemon herb spatzle; red-curry butter sauce
A twist on the dish I felt my dad was famous for. The other option would be to do a twist on rouladen, another dish only my dad made for us. I miss him so much. Especially when I get new recipes I want to try. Mom makes a great guinea pig tho! She eats everything and usually enjoys it. The best is that if she doesn't, she tells me! Something a lot of people are scared to do. I like constructive criticism when I'm cooking - not much any other time tho - it helps me improve.

This week: sketching drawings for my best friend's made-of-honour dress (for me); finishing a few crochet patterns

Oh yeah! I got my earrings from Pei Li: the miniature patisserie chef! I bought pain-au-chocolate and pink macaron earrings - they are SO CUTE! I love them so much. The took a bit to get here, but that's the hazard of shipping overseas. You should check out her etsy shoppe, she has some amazing things.

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